How Drone Technology Improves The Construction Process

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From planning to executing and documenting, there’s a huge demand for thoroughness and accuracy in the construction process. Every detail on the job site requires careful analysis as accuracy is crucial within the industry. One little misstep and the whole project goes into a period of setback which could take days, weeks, or even months to recover from. Unfortunately such setbacks are common across many construction plans, and project managers are adapting modern technology with the use of drones to avoid these obstacles.

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Drone technology is becoming more prevalent and affordable as it is not uncommon to see drones being used by construction companies in the various stages of construction. There are various phases of construction with three primary phases being planning or preconstruction, building and documentation or post construction.

Planning or Preconstruction

At this stage, impediments such as elevation issues, steep holes and objects unseen by the human eye can be resolved with the use of drones. Mappings can be done in 2D, 3D, topographical or orthoimagery to assess the overall site. This helps to cut down on time used to gather and analyze survey data.


Drones are very efficient in this stage for site/work inspection and capturing of aerial progress. Unlike the traditional method of sending workers to inspect work done, deploying drones is easy, quick and inexpensive. With the use of drones, inspection can be carried out without interrupting construction. Drones can also capture videos along with photos from any height, angle in much greater detail and all in a few minutes.

Post construction

Once construction finishes, litigation issues may arise, owners, architects, contractors, and subcontractors may engage in multiple rounds of litigation, adding yet another expenditure cost. Even though these occurrences might have been contemplated with provisions of litigation cost into the bud get, drones can provide pictorial and video evidence that may prevent litigation and save cost.

There are no doubts as to the beneficial impact of drone technology in the construction industry. However, what is to be developed is the law that regulates the use of it./

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