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Flat Roof: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Flat roofs boast architectural appeal and are a cost-effective option as long as you use them in the appropriate setting. Click 12 for the types of roofs

Benefits of Flat Roofs

  • The initial cost of installing a flat roof is low because the surface area of a flat roof is less than the surface area of a sloped roof.
  • Flat roofs also don’t have the rafters or engineered trusses that sloped roofs have, which makes them less costly to build since they require fewer materials.
  • Flat roofs are easier to climb onto and inspect than sloped roofs because they offer more stability and have a horizontal surface.
  • The roof space of a home with a flat roof could even be used as a living space, such as a rooftop deck or patio.

Drawbacks of Flat Roofs

  • The roof needs to be monitored regularly because standing water and debris can clog a flat roof’s drainage system. Therefore, flat roofs are not suitable in areas with a lot of rainfall because the roof could become saturated by rain and leak.
  • A flat roof could collapse under the weight of heavy snow accumulation.
  • Flat roofs don’t last as long as sloped roofs because they are more vulnerable to harsh weather.
  • Properly sealing a flat roof is crucial to maintaining its integrity.This can be done with an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber membrane system, which makes a flat roof strong, smooth, and water resistant.







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