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Facts About Mud Houses

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According to Earth Architecture, half of the world’s population uses buildings made from mud brick or other earthen materials. Mud brick has many benefits, although it is not as durable as some other materials. It is made of mud or clay that is mixed with straw and hardened by baking it in the sun or a kiln. These bricks are then used to build houses and other structures.

Mud brick is very inexpensive and environmentally friendly. It is also effective at keeping houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For durability, mud brick should be fired in a kiln and not just baked under the sun.

Known to have a very unique appearance, thick earth walls are great for insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. However, to maintain the walls; they have to be coated inside and out with linseed seed oil, turpentine and more mud. This process should be repeated once a year to maintain the wall, as good preservation allows these building to last hundreds of years. See more photos…





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