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Ever thought of Women dominating the construction industry?

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Gender-based disparities in pay between men and women persist despite efforts to improve them. There are some career fields that have been successful in closing the gap, and surprisingly, construction is one of them. Women out-earn men in several male-dominated construction jobs.

Female craft professionals, construction supervisors, maintenance painters and aircraft and vehicle mechanics earn slightly above the median earnings for both sexes. The problem is that not that many women take advantage of this opportunity. Construction remains one of the most male-dominated professions left in the world.

As construction jobs are becoming more plentiful, why are there not more women pursuing opportunities in construction?. Many women never even consider working in construction because of lack of role models. The current absence of women craft professionals stamp construction as a boys-only club, a stereotype that is not quite true. Other women are simply unaware there is a place for them in construction and that they are welcome in the profession.

There has never been a greater opportunity for groups across the construction industry to reach the common goal of advancing the roles of women in the workplace. Industry leaders, educators, career counselors, and parents everywhere need to give young women the opportunity to explore careers in construction. It is a step toward wage equality in the workforce for women while addressing the shortage of skilled craft professionals by attracting more women to construction.

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