ETHIOPIA: Roads to be constructed to link several housing units

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Plans are set to construct roads to link 40/60 condominium. This agreement was reached by the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) in conjunction with four companies, 3 local and one international. They include: IFH Engineering, Melcon Construction, Hafcon Construction and Aser Construction. The roads will connect Kuye Fiche, Yeka Abado, Tulu Dimtu and Kilinto Housing projects.

I.F.H Plc will undertake construction of roads- 9.2km long at Tulu Dimitu sites (project sites of 5, 6 and 7) at the cost of 139 million birr. Aser Construction will undertake construction at Project sites 7 and 9 for 108.3 million birr at Yeka Abadu, while Melcon Construction will be involved in a 2.6 kilometer long road at 6th and 8th project sites in Yeka Abadu. This will cost 73 million birr.

AACRA General Manager, Engr. Fekade Haile stated that the roads will be 10 to 30 meters in width and 33 kilometers in total length. The contract will also involve the expansion of electric lines and telecommunication lines.

UNICON Consulting Engineers will serve as the consulting firm for the construction projects, at a value of 406,525 Birr.

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