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ETHIOPIA: Massive road projects to be carried out

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Three new roads are to be constructed in Ethiopia. The projects which will be funded by the government has been estimated to cost US$ 240m.

The first project: the construction of the Sodo Tercha Asphalt Road will take place both in the rural and urban area. The road project which is to take 42 months will be 19m and 10m wide in the rural and urban area respectively. China Railway Company is to handle the construction works.

The Gash and Lalibela-Sekota Asphalt Road Project located in the Northern Ethiopia region, will cost approximately US$102m and will take 39 months to be completed. It will be 99km long, 14m wide in the urban area and 7m wide in the rural area. Highway Engineering Company- a Chinese firm is to supervise the project.

Lastly, the Dichito-Gaielfi roundabout project in North East of Ethiopia will be undertaken by Defense Construction Enterprise, a local construction company. The road will be 80.5km long and is expected to take 39 months.

These series of project will improve trade between Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries and also link the country with the Tadjourah Port.

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