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ETHIOPIA: A group of firms design plan for health care facility in Amhara region

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The Amhara Regional State, one of the largest region in Ethiopia  is located in the northwestern and north central part of the country with an estimated population of 14 million people.

Although Ethiopia has a free universal primary health care policy, most rural dwellers have to walk for many kilometers to access these services. The Ethiopian government has made great strides in accomplishing their millennium development goals of which providing quality healthcare is part of. The move to construct the hospital is aimed at making health services readily available in the rural areas.

An array of activities have been embarked upon to raise funds for the construction of the Wollo Tertiary Health Care and Teaching Hospital. The project which will consist of a three storey building for the hospital, two storey building for teaching, and three apartments each with three storey accommodations for dormitories and housing for teachers has been estimated to cost US$51m.

The project was designed voluntarily by three firms- Haile Gebriel Consultant & Architect and Engineering Plc, Mat Consultant and Universal Consultants.

Source: ConstructionReviewOnline

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