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Epoxy flooring: World’s Most Hygienic Flooring

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Known for its very hygienic quality, epoxy floors have decorative and attractive finish that make them usable in many areas of a manufacturing facility. They can also be used in areas like canteens, corridors, reception areas, meeting rooms and shower.

Other qualities of epoxy flooring include:

Aesthetics: Looks go a long way in enhancing productivity. Epoxy floors offer plenty of options and allow you to choose the right kind of color and finish. They come in different textures, decorative floor decals and patterns. Sand, wood chips and quartz can be used alongside to give your desired finish.

Functionality: Epoxy flooring are easy to clean and maintain. However, to ensure the floor is slip resistant walnut shells and silica particles should be added to the nonskid component while cleaning.

Resistivity: Looking for flooring solutions with thermal shock resistance, wear and tear resistance and impact resistance; epoxy flooring is the answer you need.

Epoxy flooring can be applied on an existing floor. For instance; for a steel floor, there is need for sand blasting and priming before applying epoxy solutions. Experts should however be consulted before taking such decisions.


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