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EGYPT: Pyramid-inspired skyscraper to be built in Cairo

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Plans to construct a 200-metre-high skyscraper: The Zayed Crystal Spark has been revealed by the Government of Egypt. The 49-storey building tower would be a composed of two pyramids, thereby surpassing the 143-metre-high Ministry of Foreign Affairs by over 50 metres and making it the country’s tallest building.

Although the name of the architect involved and the cost of the project have not been revealed; Moustafa Madbouly, Egypt’s Minister of Housing stated it would be built through a partnership between real estate developers and the government’s New Urban Communities Authority.

According to Madbouly, “It is an administrative, commercial and entertainment project as it includes buildings for various purposes, in addition to the unique 200-metre tower.” The new building will be surrounded by water features and greenery and is proposed for a 190-hectare site overlooking the July 26 Road, about 30 minutes drive from the historic pyramids of Giza.

The government will formally present the project at an economic development conference later this month – an event being held to boost investment for the country’s troubled economy.

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