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Design for African News Headquarters in Brazzaville Unveiled

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The design for the African news headquarters in Brazzaville, Congo has been unveiled by Mikou Design Studio. The large tower is supported by floats on massive pillars over a two-story podium with an interstitial patio between the pieces. The building which tops out at 174 feet over the city seeks to represent African heritage through its tonality and composition of solid and void patterning on the facade. The sunshade on the façade gives the building’s exterior the appearance of folded metal. The fins and an internal courtyard allow for more effective ventilation and promote air flow in the structure respectively. Landscaping within this courtyard helps to create a healthier working environment for the building’s inhabitants.

(Courtesy Mikou Design Studio)


“We have conceived the African News Tower as a sculptural, elevating building, the bearer of an African poesy in its materiality, its tonalities and the interplay of relief and hollows which characterises the facades,” the architects said on their website.

(Courtesy Mikou Design Studio)

The building will house newsrooms, offices, screening and conference rooms, and, on the roof, the concrete patterning expands to allow for better views of the city and nearby Congo River from a restaurant. The project is expected to be completed in 2015.



Location:  Brazzaville, Congo

Architects:  Mikou Design Studio

Photos: Mikou Design Studio




Culled from The Architect’s Newspaper Blog

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