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Common Types of Flooring

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The type of flooring could make a significant difference in the appearance of your home or office. The value of your home can be enhanced by the type of flooring used. Continue reading for the flooring type you could choose from.

Hardwood flooring: Hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. Originally used for structural purposes, this type of flooring is wear-resistant and lasts long. Hardwood flooring comes in Beech, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Pecan, Pine, e.t.c

Hardwood flooring


Bamboo flooring: Manufactured from the bamboo plant; bamboo flooring is durable, strong, elegant and resistant to insects and moisture. It comes in a variety of colours ranging from honey brown to light tan and darkens when exposed to sunlight. Moso bamboo is the most commonly used species.

Bamboo flooring


Ceramic tiles: They range from simple square tiles to complex mosaic. Ceramic tiles especially those with unglazed finish are the best alternative when selecting flooring type that requires waterproofing.

Ceramic tiles


Laminate flooring: This is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product. It is easier to install and maintain than hardwood flooring. It is inexpensive,durable and hygienic. Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colours and designs; and can resist burns, scratches and chipping.

Laminate flooring


Marble tiles: Mainly used for flooring, marble tiles are durable and versatile. They are easy to maintain and come in various colours and artistic designs to suit your taste. The tiles come in different sizes, usually around 12×12″ and are easy to install.

Marble tiles


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