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Buying New or Used Equipment: The Pros and Cons

For various reasons, many service providers and companies have been plunged into worries because they find it hard to choose a category of equipment. If you are in the process of acquiring new equipment, and you need help to determine whether to purchase old or new ones, then you’re in the right place. Buying New […]

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The Martin® SQC2S™ conveyor belt cleaners

Martin Engineering- a global world leader in bulk material handling technology has announced a secondary conveyor belt cleaner engineered to improve performance and reduce maintenance time, even as average belt speeds and loads continuously increase. With its headquarters in Neponset, IL, the firm offers services from various countries in the world; including South Africa. The […]

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Ways of Cutting Concrete Units

Precaution: Wear safety aids such as eye protection, gloves, ear protection and respirator (if using a powered saw).   1. Using Chisel and Hammer Use pencil or chalk and a straight edge to mark trim lines around the entire concrete unit, Chisel marked lines around the block 1/8” deep with masonry and chisel Strike firmly with […]

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