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Burkina Faso: Samendeni hydroelectric dam officially inaugurated in Bama

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The Samendeni hydroelectric dam was inaugurated by the Burkinabe president at the end of November 2019. With an electricity production capacity of 2.6 MW, this dam is the third largest in Burkina Faso, after the Kompienga and Bagré dams. Its cost is estimated at more than 94 million euros.

This infrastructure, with a total capacity of 1.05 billion m³, will produce 2.6 MW of electricity. In addition, the dam will encourage fishing activities in the community. In fact, since its impoundment in July 2017, this dam has already been filled with 38 species of fish. The establishment of this dam will also strengthen food security by increasing cereal production in the country by nearly 3% and create at least 100,000 jobs. Indeed, this infrastructure provides for the annual production of 100,000 tonnes of rice, 150,000 tonnes of other cereals, 1,800 tonnes of meat, 150,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, etc.

This project is funded by the Burkinabe State along with several other donors. Some of them are the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Saudi Fund for Development (SDF), the West African Development Bank (BOAD), the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (ADB), the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (FKDEA), the OPEC Fund for Development (OFID), the ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank (EBID) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD).

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