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Buildings in Africa provides Traditional Architecture

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A new exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts in Humlebæk, Denmark showcases contemporary art and architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, as mentioned in an article from Curbed. The article added that the traditional techniques, colonial influences, and current imagination are joined together to create a unique environment.

“We wanted to use this show to talk about the elements of African culture and create a picture of what’s happening today,” said curator Kjeld Kjleldsen.

He added, “Foreign and African architects who work here may have been educated in the West, but now there’s a new generation coming up that’s looking at and reinterpreting the special, local architectural traditions.”

In addition, the African display is until October 25. The article enumerated 10 buildings that show contemporary art and architecture in Africa.

  1. Independence Square in Accra, Ghana, 1961

The article mentioned that the arch is the second-largest city square in the world, behind Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In an article from Yolo Experience, the square was built by the Ghana’s first Prime Minister, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, for the purpose of hosting military exhibitions and celebrating occasions such as Independence Day on March 6 every year. In addition, across the road of the city square is the Black Star Gate that has an inscription “Freedom and Justice, AD 1957″ that commemorates the independence of Ghana, the first Sub Saharan Africas nation to reject colonial rule. Also, the image can also be found on the reverse side of all cedi (the Ghanaian currency) banknotes.”

  1. Ville Fantôme by Bodys Isek Kingelez, 1996

This Congolese artist creates a miniature of an urbanized Africa sculptures and model cityscapes using foil and wrappers, as mentioned in the article.

The miniature is also made of paper, cardboard, plastics, and other materials, as mentioned in an article from CAACart. In a separate article from CAACart, he said, “I wanted my art to serve the community that is being reborn to create a new world, because the pleasures of our earthly world depend on the people who live in it. I created these cities so there would be lasting peace, justice and universal freedom. They will function like small secular states with their own political structure, and will not need policemen or an army.”

  1. Assinie-Mafia Church in Assinie-Mafia, Côte d’Ivoire, 2008

The article added that the structure is a part of a new coastal development and the structure lack inner and outer walls that allows air and light to pass through the pitched roof.  The goal of the structure was to go beyond the traditional and to create a building in conformity with religious norms, as cited in an article from Arch Daily.

  1. Ruhango ECD Centre in Ruhango, Rwanda, 2014

Active Social Architecture built the open brick structures that served as community centers and rebuilding blocks for the war-torn area, and it is a part of a series early childhood education centers, according to the article.  As mentioned in YouTube account of UNICEF Rwanda, the construction of Early Childhood Development and Family Center that will provide family support services such as parenting support, play-based learning, and community based patrician programs   and economic empowerment

  1. House to Watch the Sunset in Aladab, Niger, 2005

According to the article, the Escher-like tower is made up of straw and clay and was built to have a view of the setting of the sun. The main design of this structure should be taller than the palm trees growing around the oasis, as mentioned in an article from Phaidonatlas. However, the highest building in this area had not yet reached four storey.



Buildings in Africa provides Traditional Architecture

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