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Benefits of Architectural Scale Modelling

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Scale model is a visual and physical representation of an object, which with time found its use in different fields such as engineering, military command, salesmanship, film making and architecture. It has become part and parcel of every architect, mechanical Engineer, Designer, contractor, builder or arts student life.

Today, in the highly competitive world of real estate businesses, architectural scale modelling has taken an unprecedented place. It makes life easier for the builders and developers as it creates a lifelike presentation of infrastructure and design prototype layout which helps the client to stay ahead of the market and pitch for their particular design to potential buyers and investors.

Over the years, Architectural scale modelling has evolved as an important communication tool to share complicated and detailed design ideas with clients, committees, and the general public and also a new avenue of creative pursuit for the students of the trade. The advancement of technology with the advent of high-end computers and high-speed internet connection along with sophisticated software, have equipped the professionals to create 3D real-life models in the computer and send it across to any part of the world. In fact, it threatened to replace the traditional Architectural scale modelling.

However, the many advantages of traditional Architectural scale modelling has not only helped it to survive but also kept it always in good stead. It can be explored and examined to the last minute details from as many angles as one wants. A well-crafted scale model provides a helps a potential buyer of a property judge the pros and cons of the design and layout before taking a decision.

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