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Architects and designers to gather in Johannesburg for Architecture ZA 2015

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The South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) in collaboration with the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (Gifa) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is set to host South Africa’s architecture and design fraternities at one of Africa’s first and largest premier urban culture and design festivals,Architecture ZA 2015 (AZA2015).

The programme themed Future City is scheduled to take place from Thursday, 24 to Saturday, 26 September at The Sheds@1Fox in Newtown, Johannesburg. It brings together leading innovators and multi-disciplinary built environment practitioners from around the globe. Film festivals focused on design and engaging city tours are some of the highlights attendees can look forward to. Attendees will have the opportunity to join open debates on key issues relating to cities and urban culture’s role and importance in shaping our modern world. The many challenges future cities face, particularly in South Africa, will also be discussed with ideas about how these can be overcome.

South African architects and designers will share experiences and perspectives with leading international practices, exploring ways to successfully negotiate the rapidly changing South African urban landscape. According to Daniel Silke, a leading political analyst in South Africa: “The second decade of the 21st century heralds a dramatic new era where, for the first time, the majority of the world’s population will live in cities. This landmark trend towards almost unstoppable urbanisation will establish a new power relationship between the state and the city, which will drive business and politics in the future. It will change the way in which humans live, interact and survive in a precarious yet challenging environment.”

Daniel van Der Merwe, president of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (Gifa) says, “Architecture has a critical role to play in shaping our cities’ future. Architects are agents for social change and transformation as they have the power to create better lives through living spaces for all. Architects and designers are vital in providing liveable solutions for current and future generations.” 

Other side attractions include: A Student Architecture Festival, hosted and organised by the University of Johannesburg, with exhibitions of the Des Baker Student Architecture Design Competition, the PPC Imaginarium Design Awards Exhibition and the Student Film Festival, the Gifa exhibition of Regional Institutes’ Awards for Architecture which is geared to create interest amongst the public in search of South Africa’s finest architecture. This event will also be open to the public, which makes this venue a unique inner-city destination.

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