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ALGERIA: Four house fabrication plants to be built

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The government of Algeria has given Indjab a sum of $200million to finance the construction of four house prefabrication plants in several cities. Construction works will be launched in May 2015.

According to Mohamed Yassine Hafiane- chairman of Injab, the project is expected to improve the quality of houses and reduce delivery deadlines of housing projects. The plants will be built in Algiers, Annaba, Biskra and Oran. The plants are each expected to produce between 2,000 to 5,000 prefabricated houses per year.

The housing projects are part of the Housing Ministry’s efforts in the industrialization of building and the modernization of construction tools and techniques, as well as Indjab’s forthcoming restructuring into five major companies.

The Ministry of Housing announced recently that the sector aims at increasing the national building capacity and achieving a balance between supply and demand.

A fifth plant will be built in Bechar, south-west of Algiers.

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