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5 Choices in Window Treatments

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You may dress your entire interior – walls, floors and ceilings – in the best of the latest, trendiest fashions but it will not be complete without the complementing window treatments.

All interior design style needs proper accessories to live up to its potential. The contemporary interior design genre is a vast market with as many choices as there are styles to incorporate in your spaces, but the major categories of window coverings could be divided into these five categories.

1. Blinds

Blinds are “hard” window treatments with slats or vanes made of wood, composite, vinyl or aluminum. They can be horizontal or vertical.
They are flexible, adaptable and can definitely fit in most aesthetics. Furthermore, you could select the type of blinds you want from all of the choices out there.

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2. Shades

Shades are “soft” window coverings made of fabric, vinyl, woven woods or grasses. They are used in all parts of the world because of their efficient functionality, beautiful designs, easy workability and affordable prices. Shades can be easily operable with a simple cording system.

3. Louvers

Better known as shutters, is an excellent choice as they are stylish, secure and easy to maintain. Shutters offer better insulation than most other window treatments plus greater control over light, ventilation and noise. They are available in two major types.
Full height, also called plantation shutters, they cover the windows from top to bottom.
Café shutters; these cover only the bottom half of the window.

4. Curtains

A nostalgic take on the age-old drapes, that is still appealing even in the contemporary times. Curtains have that dated appeal that seamlessly fit in any classical, neo-classical or traditional interior. The efficiency of this particular window treatment is not as great as its modern counterparts, but it does do its job adequately.

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5. Drapes

If you’re going for an interior design that embodies the rich, opulent tradition of the past, then go for drapes. They offer a rich, luxurious vibe to any interior and come in sumptuous fabrics like velvets and silks. The overall aesthetic of these window treatments is extremely baroque and adds a grand vibe to the ambiance of any interior they’re hung in.

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There is a lot of variety available under each of these categories. Whichever window treatment you choose, you’ll have to carefully match it against your existing or desired interior design, so that they don’t look out of context.

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