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Lymex Limited

Lymex Limited is a well established provider of office furniture in Nigeria providing high standard furniture to equip a wide range of facilities; Canteens, Conference and Training Rooms and Waiting areas. Initial focus was on textile manufacturing and Interior Design but has now grown to direct supply and installation of the furniture component of the […]

Phlemin Integrated Global Limited

We specialize in the following areas. •  Uninterrupted Power Supply – UPS • Inverter System • Solar Energy Power Solution • Supply of Maintenance-Free Batteries • Provision of alternate supply of Energy Phlemin Integrated Global Limited trading as Phlemin Global is a leader in the development and marketing of advanced alternative power solutions. Phlemin Global […]

Blind-Plus Limited

We specialize in the following areas: • Assembling, installation and maintenance of blinds • Installation of Suspended ceilings • Installation of Synthetic washable wall and ceiling papers • Installation of Laminate parquet flooring • Aluminum partitioning • Interior Design Consultancy. We provide state of the art solutions to interior decoration. We specialize in the area […]

The Modern Office Building

The office building, as we know it today, especially in its high-rise manifestations, is, as is well known, an American innovation, created out of necessity in the extraordinary circumstances of the explosion of the US economy after the Civil War. The financial capitals of the world and Africa in particular, are poised to receive a […]

Designing For Disability

People with disabilities face various types of barriers everyday especially when it comes to a building’s design and the professionals who design, commission and construct these buildings need to keep these barriers in mind when designing a particular building. People with disability need to be given due consideration since they have rights as everyone else. […]