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Interesting Landscapes in Africa

Danakil desert, Ethiopia: Located in the North-Eastern part of Ethiopia, Danakil Desert offers a mystical landscape with its amazing variety of colorful fountains in the midst of salt, sulfur and other mineral deposits.



The White Desert, Egypt: Almost like the work of a sculptor, the White desert is located on the west of the Nile, between Farafra and Bahariya oasis. Made with mushrooms and meringue, it  is about 60 kilometers long (and almost as wide).

Dead Vlei, Namibia: The name Dead vlei is derived from the English word “dead” which means death and African “vlei” which means “swamp”. Joining both words, we have dead swamp. These photographs could almost pass for paintings.



Lake Rebta, Senegal:  Often called the Lac Rose made. it is one of the most visited places of the peninsula of Cape Verde in Senegal. The water is very salty, the pink and purple color is due to the presence of cyanobacteria, which develops a red pigment to resist the concentration of salt water.

Senegal - Lake Retba


Lake Natron, Tanzania: Named after Natron (a white, yellow, or gray hydrous sodium carbonate mineral) and located in Northern Tanzania, the lake acts as a huge natural saline.









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