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Fire Curtain Barriers

Fire and smoke protection for large open spaces
No matter what the building type, the very nature of a large open internal space means that its occupants are vulnerable to the rapid spread of smoke and fire. At Coopers, our understanding of fire regulations has led our engineers to produce a range of fire curtains and smoke curtains developed specifically to compartmentalise large open spaces in buildings.

FireMaster Plus fire curtain barrier

From airports to domestic houses, the FireMaster Plus has been developed by Coopers to protect all building types and can be applied to protect most vertical applications. Furthermore, the high performance of the FireMaster Plus means that it protects openings in walls forming a protective means of escape.
Available in a range of widths and drop sizes, the FireMaster Plus is supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe system (TGFS) variable speeds, side channels, smoke leakage, integrity and radiance, emergency egress and controlled descent.
With fixing options to suit all types of ceiling configurations, the FireMaster Plus fire curtain can be integrated with both solid and suspended ceilings and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed.

FireMaster Concertina “open” active fire curtain barrier assemblies

Developed and manufactured by Coopers, the FireMaster Concertina “open” fire curtain is developed to provide high performance fire protection without the need for visible columns or corner posts.
Bespoke to each project, the FireMaster Concertina “open” fire curtain is available in open shapes, such as curves and L shapes and is available in any width with a maximum drop of 8 meters (5 metre drop if 180 minutes integrity is required). Supplied with the Coopers Total Gravity Fail Safe system (TGFS), variable speeds, side channels, smoke leakage and controlled descent, all required by fire regulations. Developed by Coopers Fire to protect all building types, the FireMaster Concertina “open” can be applied to atria, escalators, openings in walls, stairs and lobbies and cross corridor separation and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed.
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