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The Senegalese Rendezvous

Designed by the New York agency: Toshiko Mori. This initiative of two NGOs – The Medical Center Sinthian and American Friends of Korsa will be a meeting place and it will include spaces for concerts and accommodations for artists. It is located near the border with Mali in the village of Sinthian Senegal. Divided into […]

AUA Industria Limited

AUA Industria Ltd. is a leading security solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region, with headquarters in Nairobi. Over the last eighteen years, we have specialized our core services and have gained market leadership with a proven record of accomplishment for providing the highest quality Engineered Video Surveillance (CCTV), Enterprise Access Control, Biometric […]

Just Food Limited

Today, Just Food has offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal and enjoys its hard-earned reputation as West Africa’s leading provider of best quality international food equipment brands. JustFood sells, services and provides factory warranties on all of the equipment that it distributes in order to maintain global brand standards and to ensure total [...]

African Modernism – Architecture of Independence

During the late 1950s and the early 1960s most countries of Sub-Saharan Africa gained their independence. Architecture became one of the principal means with which the young nations expressed their national identity. Parliament buildings, central banks, stadiums, conference centers, universities and independence memorials were constructed, often featuring heroic and daring designs. Modern and futuristic architecture […]

Domestic Architecture

African architecture is exceptionally diverse from region to region, and has been subject to numerous external influences. The architecture of Africa, like other aspects of the culture of Africa, is exceptionally diverse. Many ethno-linguistic groups throughout the history of Africa have had their own architectural traditions. As with most architectural traditions elsewhere, African architecture has […]

Gambia: Construction of Basse Sabi road project launched

The European Union funded Basse Sabi bypass road construction and rehabilitation project has been launched in Gambia. Annes Guillaud, the EU’s representative in the country, stated that this is in support of the National Gambia Transport Plan. A sum of US$83m is to be expended on this project, alongside other projects which include: Mandinaba-Seleti Road, […]

Innovative building design and construction in Africa

The building and construction industry is one of the most important sector in the worlds’ economy. This sector hires more than 10% of the workforce accounting for almost 20% of the national product. In construction, innovation refers to the introduction and actual utilization of non-trivial improvements and changes in the processes, systems and products in a […]

US$74m set aside for Kampala-Jinja highway, Uganda

The Kampala-Jinja highway has been indicated by The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) as part of the beneficiaries of the six projects to be developed in region. The project is estimated to cost US$74m, which is part of the US$8b, the cost of six projects. The six projects were selected by the Programme […]

Interesting Landscapes in Africa

Danakil desert, Ethiopia: Located in the North-Eastern part of Ethiopia, Danakil Desert offers a mystical landscape with its amazing variety of colorful fountains in the midst of salt, sulfur and other mineral deposits.   The White Desert, Egypt: Almost like the work of a sculptor, the White desert is located on the west of the […]

African Architects in the Diaspora

Although some of these designers do not live in Africa, their work revolve around recycling and reuse of complex materials to express a continual cycle of exchange. 1. Cheick Diallo: Born in Mali and trained as an architect and designer in France. He shares space with other Malian artists on the hills of Bamako. Diallo uses tires, bottles, computer […]