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ALGERIA: Four house fabrication plants to be built

The government of Algeria has given Indjab a sum of $200million to finance the construction of four house prefabrication plants in several cities. Construction works will be launched in May 2015. According to Mohamed Yassine Hafiane- chairman of Injab, the project is expected to improve the quality of houses and reduce delivery deadlines of housing projects. The plants will be built […]

ALGERIA: International Tender launched for a New Mass Transit Electrified Railway

International companies are invited by Metro of Algiers Company (EMA) to bid on a project for the construction of a mass transit electrified railway. A number of requirements must be met, one of it is that interested competitors must have a 10 years experience in implementation of at least one light rail or tram project. […]

EMTech Limited

EM Tech is one of the leading firms specialized in the design, management  and execution of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) works. We provide our clients with best in class value engineering, strategic sourcing and project management to a wide variety of sectors in the Middle East. This integrated engineering service allows our clients to benefit […]

Domestic Architecture

African architecture is exceptionally diverse from region to region, and has been subject to numerous external influences. The architecture of Africa, like other aspects of the culture of Africa, is exceptionally diverse. Many ethno-linguistic groups throughout the history of Africa have had their own architectural traditions. As with most architectural traditions elsewhere, African architecture has […]

FLASHBACK: Incredible futuristic African architecture that solves problems…and gets you thinking (1)

FROM DECEMBER 2014: ARCHITECTURE cropping up in Africa is achieving international acclaim for some of the most innovative and sustainable building designs in the world. In some cases it is a single building that has been designed to minimize impact on the environment or cope with environmental challenges. In other cases the architecture involves a concerted effort among […]

Africa Awaits The Third Largest Mosque In The World

Magnificent right….. Well this structure designed by the German agency: Juerge Engel Architects will be the third- largest mosque in the world after the Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina. With a prayer hall that can accommodate up to 37,000 people, the mosque is one of the largest religious buildings in the Islamic world. The […]